Chris Pronger SLAMMED Justin Bieber Along the Boards in All-Star Celebrity Game

Justin Bieber got a taste of NHL hockey and the Staples Center glass, courtesy of NHL great Chris Pronger during the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout on Saturday night in Los Angeles. Pronger kept Bieber smashed up against the boards for a couple of seconds and seemed to enjoy the moment.

The singer responded with an empty-net goal and an assist as Team Gretzky beat Team Lemieux 5-3 in the 2017 NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout.

“I was shocked at how good the kid can play,” said Gooding, who scored the winning goal. “He really has nice skills, and he’s a real sweet kid, too.”

Justin Bieber told the NHL that playing in the All-Star Celebrity Game is one of the best moments of his entire life.