Cops Respond to Custody Dispute Between Jon and Kate Gosselin

jon and kate gosselin

Even though they have been divorced for over seven years, the drama between Jon and Kate Gosselin continues.

Jon and Kate Gosselin got into such a heated argument over their kids, cops had to show up to sort things out.

law enforcement officers in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania responded to a dentist’s office to handle a disagreement between the two.
one of the parents took the child to the dentist, but Jon and Kate Gosselin got into it over who’d be taking her home. An argument erupted over the custody order.

The custody arrangement of the children was settled at the time of their divorce, which took place in 2009. Both Jon and Kate Gosselin share custody.

After the cops intervened, Jon ended up taking the child with him. No one was arrested in the incident.

Jon, he stated back in March that his life has taken a bit of a turn and that he was working at a nightclub as a stripper and says that his children are aware of his new profession.

“My kids know everything that’s gonna go on,” he said while talking with Page Six. “I cleared it with them before I did anything … I told them the whole marketing plan. They’re teenagers now. They understand this stuff.”

As for Kate, she recently opened up about living with eight teenage children. The 42-year-old says that she can’t “fathom” the idea of being an empty nester within the next five years.

“It’s the day I have feared since they were born,” she said in a recent Kate Plus 8 promo. “To think that when the little kids are in college and my house is empty? I can’t fathom it.”