Jay-Z Pulls Every Album from Spotify and Apple Music

All of Jay-Z’s solo albums have been removed from the Apple Music and Spotify streaming services. According to a statement made to the Verge by Spotify, the removal came “at the request of the artist.”

The two leading streaming services no longer have any of Jay Z’s solo work, with only features and his projects with R. Kelly and Linkin Park remaining on the services. Jay Z has been a vocal critic of online music services for not properly compensating artists. He acquired Tidal in 2014 to give his peers a greater share of the proceeds from streaming services, which now account for more than half of all U.S. record industry sales.

If you want to hear Jay Z’s solo work, it’s probably time to sign up for Tidal.

Source: bloomberg.com, mymusicmylife.com, theverge.com