Jim Carrey Could Face Trial Over Cathriona White’s Death

Jim Carrey and Cathriona White
Jim Carrey and Cathriona White

Jim Carrey may have to face a trail jury in the wrongful death case regarding his late girlfriend and makeup artist Cathriona White.

Jim Carrey has been accused by Cathriona White’s mother and estranged husband of providing the drugs used by the make-up artist when she took her own life in September 2015 and a trial date has now been set for 26 April 2018, with Deirdre Hill estimating on Wednesday that it will last for around 20 days.

After the hearing, Jim Carrey’s lawyer, Raymond Boucher, said: “Mr Carrey loved Ms White dearly and so obviously it will be a very painful process for him.”

White, 30, was found dead in her Los Angeles home in what coroners ruled was suicide, from an overdose of painkillers.

Jim Carrey denies all the allegations, with his lawyers describing them as “malicious” and “predatory”. Carrey, 55, said that he was devastated by her death, and attended the funeral in her hometown in Tipperary.

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