Johnny Manziel Being Investigated For Possible Assault and Browns Next Move

Once again, police met up with Johnny Manziel about an alleged assault — and once again, it involved a young woman.

This incident was in Texas, the state where Manziel earned the nickname “Johnny Football.” The Dallas Morning News reports that police were called to the apartment of the Cleveland Browns quarterback’s ex girlfriend, Colleen Crowley at 2 a.m. on Saturday, January 30, to investigate a possible domestic disturbance.

The police report states that the 23-year old woman told cops she was involved in a disturbance with her ex-boyfriend earlier in the evening. A preliminary investigation “determined that a possible assault had occurred in [Dallas] or multiple jurisdictions,” Fort Worth Police said. Police later identified him the x boyfriend as Manziel, the 23-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner who has made far more headlines for his off-field behaviour since college than for anything he’s done for the Browns.

There were no arrests, and it’s not clear if Manziel has yet been questioned. Police didn’t say if the ex-girlfriend was injured. An ambulance was called, but she was not taken to hospital. The police report said the woman was unco-operative with officers, who were unable to locate a crime scene.

Fort Worth police are working with Dallas police to determine if a crime occurred.
According to a statement released by Fort Worth police, they used their Air One Unit helicopter to locate Manziel after his unidentified ex-girlfriend said she was concerned about his well-being. Police called Manziel’s cellphone while searching for him before determining he was safe.

There was no immediate comment from Manziel.

The Browns released a statement from new director of football operations Sashi Brown on Tuesday that expressed disappointment in Manziel but stopped short of saying the quarterback’s run in Cleveland is over.