Lil Wayne Could End His Own Career

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Lil Wayne has reportedly been hospitalized in Chicago after suffering an epileptic seizure. According to TMZ, Wayne was found unconscious in his Westin Hotel room on September 3,2017. He was taken to Northwestern Hospital where he experienced another seizure.

Reginae Carter, 18, tweeted on Monday, September 4. “My dad is doing fine everyone! Thanks for the concerns. You guys are amazing…Oh yeah .. & don’t believe everything you hear.”

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Lil Wayne, who is currently on tour with Rae Sremmurd, was scheduled to perform at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas on Sept. 3. The club posted an announcement late Sunday that “Lil Wayne will be canceling his previously scheduled performance” there.

The venue said T.I. will be performing in his place, along with DJ Franzen.

The seizures were reportedly caused due to Wayne’s lean-sipping habit, although the rapper did reveal that he suffers from epilepsy a few years ago. He’s always insisted the attacks are purely due to his epilepsy — but it’s known that large amounts of sizzurp, or lean, can trigger seizures.

You’ll recall, Weezy was hitting the stuff hard in June 2016, when he suffered another round of seizures. Everyone wondered if he’d eased off since then but photos throughout this year show him consistently holding the double cup … commonly used for the codeine cough syrup concoction.

Lil Wayne pictured here from an article in 2013
Lil Wayne pictured here from an article in 2013

With news of the seizures, artists have been responding, whether it be on social media or through TMZ’s video cameras. The Biebz heard the news of Wayne’s seizures for the first time via the paparazzo, and says he’s got to reach out. “I’m gunna have to reach out to him,” he says, “that’s my boy.”

Jacquees, affiliated with Wayne in a sense, by way of estranged label head Birdman, sent out prayers via twitter. Russ also showed his appreciation and support for the Young Money boss on twitter.