Lucky Whitehead: Dallas Cowboys Player Opens Preseason by Returning Kickoff 101 Yards for Touchdown

At long last, the Cowboys have played a preseason game, and we’ve got some (sort of) real football to talk about.
It obviously wasn’t all pretty. The Cowboys lost the game, 28-24, and they didn’t score in the second half. But there was plenty of stuff to feel good about, and plenty of things we’ll have to talk about going forward.

It couldn’t have been a better start for the Cowboys in this game than what they got from Lucky Whitehead on the kickoff return. When Whitehead settled under the ball, you could see the blocks start to develop in front of him. There were two blocks that I thought were key on the play — Keith Smith was able to seal his man inside, which got Whitehead to the lane, and a double team block from James Morris and Rodney Coe broke him into the clear.

Watch below: