Pics Emerge Of A 39-Year Old Floyd Mayweather And His 19-Year Old Girlfriend

You know what they say, ‘age aint nothing but a number’ and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is certainly taking that to heart, as the world’s wealthiest athlete has just been linked to a 19-year old girl who happens to be his girlfriend.

The 39-year-old retired boxer cozied up to Raemarni Ball, aka Rmarni, in new photos the British teenager shared this week on Instagram.


“His funky hat is quite cool @floydmayweather,” she captioned one

Rmarni is an aspiring singer who posted a first track to SoundCloud in November. The teenager has rubbed shoulders with Rita Ora and Jhene Aiko and is often spotted in clothing from Mayweather’s lifestyle brand, The Money Team.

Mayweather and Rmarni were vacationing in Miami after meeting last month on the boxer’s U.K. tour. The aspiring singer reportedly paid over $800 for a ticket to Mayweather’s show in Cannock, England.

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