Post Malone Stage Dive FAIL

Post Malone Tries Stage Diving During Show, No One Catches Him

In the heat of a show in St. Louis on Sunday night (Sept. 24). Post Malone jumped into what appeared to be a lively audience, only to find that no one was going to catch him. According to one Twitter user who recorded the events, one woman even made out with Post as he laid on the ground.

Not sure if fans were too busy recording his show with their phones, not anticipating him actually diving or scared to event attempt to hold him up. Regardless fans cheered and screamed in excitement and kept the momentum of the concert going as Post Malone hit the floor.

Never dropping the microphone and continuing his performance from his back, sprawled out on the venue’s floor. True Rockstar performance!

With his new single “Rockstar,” Post Malone is one of the hottest acts in music at the moment.

Check out this video of compilations of many angles from concert goers as Post Malone attempted his stage dive dreams.