Video Production by Cavi Vision offers a fresh & new look to your video project.

Video production is something we pride ourselves on and doesn’t matter what genre your music is in, Our video productions are here to make your song into a film. We help out with scouting for locations, using green screen for certain sequences, renting out luxurious to cheap looking vehicles, talent extras, costumes, make up, hair, etc.
We offer professional high definition (HD) music video productions for all budgets. We are L.A. based and we shoot from San Diego to Santa Barbara with studio space in Orange, Ca.

We Cover Live Events and Concerts

Also Offer Interviews For Any Event

Let Us Shoot Your Behind The Scenes

The world of video production is constantly changing and Middtown is constantly upgrading to improve our systems and facilities and stay current with the most recent technology available. Our Post video production department offers six HD edit suites, all equipped with Final Cut, Avid and Adobe CC, so that our skilled video production editors have the ability to choose the best tools for the video production job.