Rita Ora is Now Becky With The Good Hair After Taunting Beyonce

Now Rita Ora Is Beyoncé’s ‘Becky With the Good Hair’?
A new photo has the BeyHive thinking that singer Rita Ora is the mistress Beyoncé blasts in ‘Lemonade.’ She’s (probably) not. Also, can we stop this witch-hunt?

Having already stung the likes of Rachel Roy and, yeesh, Rachael Ray into anaphylactic shock, the BeyHive has swarmed over to a new victim in vengeance—though perhaps also mortification—of their Queen B, Beyoncé.

Armed with scant evidence—a Snapchat and a flimsy knowledge of how mirrors work—members of the Hive have now ruled that Ora may, in fact, be the infamous “Becky with the good hair.”

On Monday evening, they sought out pop star and Internet running joke Rita Ora, after the singer reportedly posted a Snapchat selfie wearing a bra/bikini situation with lemons that cover the nipples. She’s also wearing a necklace which, when you look at the photo, appears to be a “J.”

The lemons—lemonade. The “J”—Jay Z. Suddenly Ora, according to the Hive, had shoved Rachel Roy to the side and proclaimed, via a social media outlet popularized by teens who enjoy distorting their faces into the shape of a panda bear, that she is “Becky With the Good Hair,” essentially requesting to being brutalized by the angry mob.


Either Rita Ora is trying to make a major statement…or she picked a REALLY bad day to wear this Gucci outfit! The singer was photographed wearing the exact skirt and shirt combo Beyonce wore in her ‘Formation’ video on the SAME day fans accused her of being Jay Z’s ‘other woman,’ who Bey sings about on ‘Lemonade.’


Rita’s mysterious post was met by a mass of confused comments from social media users, many of whom referred to the Jay Z cheating rumours.

The 25-year-old singer shared the official film poster on her account, which shows a glamorous Liz Taylor holding a pearl necklace up to her face.
Cryptic message? Ash Wednesday, starring Elizabeth Taylor, focuses on a middle-aged woman who undergoes extensive plastic surgery in a bid to keep her husband interested.


While the British singer, who is of Albanian-descent, has previously shut down claims she has had affair with her then label boss, fans were quick to share their anger over the affair claims online.

Representatives for Rita Ora have been contacted for comment.

Rita was asked about the affair claims back in 2014 during an appearance on Power 105FM’s The Breakfast Club. Indignant Rita, 23, told DJ Charlamagne Tha God: ‘Don’t you dare disrespect Beyonce like that ever again in your entire life’.

2002: Beyonce and Jay start dating after collaborating on ’03 Bonnie & Clyde.

2005: Rumours circulate that Jay Z and then rising star Rihanna are having an affair leading to an alleged split between Beyonce and Jay. The romance reports were later claimed by biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli to be faked to boost Rihanna’s popularity

September 2006: Beyoncé releases her second solo album, B’Day, which includes the track Ring the Alarm, which was supposedly about Rihanna, a claim later denied by Beyonce’s father Matthew.

April 2008: Jay Z and Beyoncé marry in a private ceremony.

January 2012: The couple welcome their first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

January 2013: Rumours of an affair between Jay Z and his new Roc Nation protege Rita Ora start to circulate for the first time. Rita later slams the rumours in a 2014 interview.

June 2013: In lyrics for his hit song Holy Grail, Jay includes lyrics which appear to reference a woman cheating on him.

August 2013: Model and rapper Olivia McFaller claims that Jay Z hit on her during a photoshoot, asking for her number but she turned him down because ‘I got respect for Beyonce.’ She later releases a track, Sorry Mrs Carter, aimed at Beyonce.

May 12, 2014: After the star-studded 2014 Met Ball, TMZ releases footage of Solange Knowles attacking brother-in-law Jay Z in a elevator while Beyonce quietly looks on. Rumours spread about the cause of the fight, with Jay accused of having an affair with Rachel Roy, the ex-wife of his former business partner Damon Dash.

May 15, 2014: Two days after the elevator fight, the couple along with Solange release a statement insisting they have moved on from the incident. Later in the week Beyonce posts a series of family photos on her website of her sister and husband.

June 2014: Beyonce and Jay head off on their On The Run tour, but rumours follow them on the road of an imminent split. During a performance of Resentment, Beyonce changes the lyrics ‘Been ridin’ with you for six years’ to say ’12 years’ to reference the length of her relationship with Jay.

July 2014: Beyonce’s father claims that his daughter and her husband deliberately circulated divorce rumours to boost ticket sales for their tour.

April 2016: Beyonce releases her sixth album, Lemonade, which includes numerous references to infidelity and heartache. One line, ‘Becky With the Good Hair’ in the track Sorry leads to intense speculation as to the identity of the woman Jay supposedly had a tryst with, with Rachel Roy and Rita Ora both named by fans.

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